July 4th Gaming

It’s independence Day in the United States and as a national holiday, it’s the sort of thing that leaves one with time to go gaming! I don’t really do any historical miniature gaming (it’s really only a matter of time though…) and the Revolutionary War isn’t one of my favorite periods from a wargaming perspective.

So what about flavoring some of your existing wargames with inspiration from the battles of the American Revolution? Here are a few battles that you could adapt into scenarios for most miniature games:

  • Battle of King’s Mountain – In this battle, British loyalist forces held King’s Mountain in South Carolina. After an initial series of conflicts, the loyalists charged down the mountain (where they were subsequently cut down). This could be adopted by having a central high ground on the board with one force scoring points for every unit able to fleet the board after starting on the “mountain.”
  • Battle of Fort Washington – This battle had Fort Washington under attack  by both British and German forces. A great way to simulate this in a game would be to grant an inferior force a tactically superior, defensible position against two other forces. This could be played as a three-player game as well!
  • Battle of Yorktown – Considered the last, great battle of the revolution, Yorktown saw American forces fighting the British in Yorktown, preventing their escape inland while French ships blockaded the port. A city battle where one side has to push forward to the opposite side of the board and can’t move backwards would work well!
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord – These were the initial engagements of the Revolutionary War and saw the British forces continuing to fight in rigid, rank & file structures while the American’s leveraged small, mobile forces to disrupt, harry and rout the British. A great way to simulate this would be to have one force required to deploy in rank & file structure with restrictions on how they can move – the other, smaller force having no such restrictions!

I’m sure the more historically minded gamers can come up with even more options, but those are the ones that jump out to me as being quick and easy to put together in the game of your choice!

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