3D Printing Tips for Gamers

I just wanted to make a quick post this time, highlighting some of the lessons I’ve learned these last few months of doing 3D printing solely for the purpose of supporiting my gaming addiction.

  • Where do I get models? Thingiverse. Seriously. You could browse for hours and you still haven’t found all the things you want to print. MakerFun3D also has a monthly compilation of Kickstarters/crowd-funded designs that is worth keeping an eye on.
  • How do I know if it’s the right size for my game? Scales have been the bane of my existence for a while now. And then I found this page on The Miniatures Page. I love this page so much that I have it clipped into my OneNote so that there’s no chance of ever losing it. Got a 3D model in 1/300th scale and want it for a 28mm game? No problem! 28mm is equivalent to 1/58th, so after a bit of math, you’re good to go (so scale it by 5.17 and you’re set).
  • What if the model doesn’t fit on my print bed? Split it! Most models have been broken up already, but sometimes you find the perfect model and it’s just too big. I’ve found that loading the model into Tinkercad and manually splitting the model into constituent parts is a quick and easy solution.
  • hollowWhat if the model doesn’t have an interior? For me, it depends on the structure. I’m printing a gas station right now for Mantic’s All Out War and Osprey’s All Out War (and Knight’s DC Universe game if I ever go ahead and bite the bullet…). The model iteself is of a Wawa that was made by a grade school student as part of a competition. As such, it’s a solid model, but I need models that can move into the interior to pick up supplies! No problem. I just loaded the model into TinkerCad, split the model into a base and a roof. Then, I hollowed out the base so that when the roof is removed, models can move about freely. I could have built interior walls if I’d wanted to, but I didn’t feel it was necessary for this one.

I’ll probably do another post similar to this in a few months after I’ve started experimenting with different types of PLA (I’m super excited to try printing some western buildings for Dracula’s America using wood PLA!).

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  1. Faust says:

    Awesome advice! 🙂


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