Star Wars: The Battle of Scarif

This weekend, my local gamers held our first run through of re-creating the Battle of Scarif from Star Wars: Rogue One. This mega-event took place across three different gaming tables, each running a different game: Star Wars Legion, Star Wars X-Wing, and Star Wars Armada. One of the great bits about this particular event is that each table had the ability to create effects that impacted the other tables.

So, before giving the rules and victory conditions we used for our event, a few comments. First, we ended up with fewer than six people for the event, so we ended up not playing all three tables simultaneously as we originally intended. To compensate, we rolled initiative at the beginning of each turn with the winner dictating which table got played first. Second, 6 turns is a common ending point for most minis games (including Legion), so we played the entire event for 6 turns on each table so that everything wrapped up neatly.

Lastly, we tried to keep the forces as close to the details of the Battle of Scarif as possible, but some adjustments had to be made. For example, at the time of running the event, the only Imperial leader available in Legion is Vader. Obviously, Vader was late to the Battle of Scarif, so we reflected this by having him appear late in the game
(actually, in our playthrough this weekend, Vader died as his Lambda Shuttle was intercepted on the X-Wing table before it could land; I might have cried a little). For your own games, you should totally modify things to fit the miniatures you have available!

Without further ado, here are the rules we used for the event!

Overarching Rules

The Battle of Scarif event takes place over three tables each representing a different theater for the Battle of Scarif as presented in Rogue One. These three theaters are:

  • Orbit of Scarif (Star Wars Armada) – Rebel forces have arrived to assault the Imperial base at Scarif in order to extract the Death Star plans being held at the outpost’s data banks. Princess Leia is aboard the Tantive IV and must escape with the Death Star plans for the Rebels to be victorious in this scenario. The Imperial forces are successful if they can disable the Rebel flagship and escorting Hammerhead Corvettes, dealing a critical blow to the nascent rebellion.In addition, Darth Vader has arrived on a Victory-class Star Destroyer from Mustafar and must make it to the orbital outpost so that his Lambda Shuttle can be deployed to take him to the surface to eliminate the rebels on the planet’s surface.
  • Surface of Scarif Surrounding the Imperial Base (Star Wars X-Wing) – Rebel X-Wings have descended on Scarif, punching through a momentary hole in the orbital shield to assault the outpost and destroy the shield generator preventing the transmission of the Death Star plans from the surface (this is the Rebel victory condition). The Imperials gain points for each turn they are able to defend the shield generators from destruction.At some point, the Vader’s shuttle will enter the field of play. Vader’s Lambda shuttle can help to defend the shield generator or land and deploy Vader to the surface below to take command of the Imperial ground forces. The Rebels have brought their own firepower in terms of a U-Wing carrying a squad of Rebel troopers who can also be deployed to the battlefield below and laying down covering fire as it lands.
  • The Imperial Base at Scarif (Star Wars Legion) – A Rebel spec ops team has been deployed to the surface of Scarif to steal the Death Star plans (the spec ops team stealing the plans is the Rebel victory condition). The plans can’t be transmitted offworld to the waiting Princess Leia until the shield generator is disabled. The Imperials are set to wipe out the rebel forces and score points for each rebel squad (including the spec ops squad) that they are able to eliminate.The Imperials have an AT-ST at their disposal, but were caught unawares by the Rebel attack and need to activate it with one of their squads of troops. The Rebels are able to send a feedback loop to the orbital space station, disabling it’s stabilizing drive and preventing it from being able to bring it’s full firepower to bear (creating a 180 degree blindspot).

The game will take place over six turns, with each turn played simultaneously across the three tables. Any effect from one table that impacts another (such as the Lambda shuttle moving from the X-Wing table to the Legion table) takes effect at the beginning of the following turn. Points are scored as follows:




Escaping with the Death Star plans – 5 points

Destroying the Orbital Space Station – 2 point

Destroying the Rebel flagship – 5 points

Destroying a Hammerhead Corvette – 1 point each


Destroy the Shield Generator – 3 points

Destroy All Four Turrets – 1 point each

Each Turn the Shield Generators Survive – 1 point each

Destroying over 1/2 of the X-Wings – 1 point


Successfully Extract Death Star Plans – 5 points

Disable Space Station – 2 points

Destroy a Rebel troop squad – 2 points each

NOTE: If the U-Wing is destroyed before deploying it’s squad of troops, these points are scored
Kill Chirrut Imwe – 1 point

Special Rules


The space station at the center of the board is controlled by the Imperial team and has two cannons that fire cannons (2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Black). The Imperial team must deploy within a range of 2 from the space station. The space station is Hull 6, Shields 2 and will automatically regenerate one point of shielding every turn (the space station may be activated in order like any other ship on the Imperial side). The Star Destroyer carrying Vader starts on the short board edge of the team’s choice, but may enter at a speed of the team’s choice (rather than the standard speed 1). The Imperial team deploys all forces first.

To deploy the Lambda shuttle carrying Vader, the Star Destroyer must be within 2 of the space station.

The Rebel team may deploy their ships from any edge (or any combination of edges) they wish. Rebel ships entering play may enter any speed short of maximum speed (per ship).


The four turrets are under the control of the Imperial team. They have the following stats: Skill 9, Primary Weapon 2, Agility 1, Range 2-3, Hull 3. The turrets can fire at any target within 180 degrees of the front of the turret. The Imperial team starts from the northern edge of the board. The Lambda shuttle may enter the board from any table edge after entering play from the Armada table. The shield generators in the center of the board are Hull 6, Agility 1.

The Rebel team starts from the southern board edge.

The U-Wing and Lamda Shuttle may drop off their respective forces for the Legion board on any movement that ends within 1 of the center island.


The Imperial forces all deploy on any portion on the northern half of the board except for the island with the AT-ST dock/landing pad when entering play from the X-Wing table. The AT-ST may be activated by any Imperial unit (including Vader) spending an action while within 1 of the AT-ST. Vader may enter the board either at the outpost itself or at the landing dock when entering play from the X-Wing table.

The Rebel forces start on the southern edge of the table, on either island. Any Rebel unit can spend an action while in base-to-base contact with one of the two Imperial stations to cripple the space station (on the Armada table; this causes the Rebel player to declare a 180 degree arc that the space station can no longer see). The Rebel troop unit designated as the spec ops unit may spend an activation while in base to base with one of the two Imperial stations to steal the Death Star Plans. This action may not be performed until the shield generators on the X-Wing table have been destroyed. The Rebel troop unit carried by the U-Wing may enter play anywhere other than the main island when entering play from the X-Wing table. In addition, the U-Wing may make one attack on any single unit on the board (6 Red) on the turn in which the Rebel troops entered the board.

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