Gen Con 50: Miniature Games

You may have noticed that I’ve moved from strictly talking about RPGs, to talking about the broader gaming hobby. This has been something that I debated for a while. And while I love RPGs and GMing, the fact is, I play a lot of different games and take a similar approach to all of them – rich narratives and fun events. With that said, you’ll start to see a broader range of content on this blog (and the Twitter & FB accounts) in addition to some special surprises.
Enough housekeeping! Let’s talk about the miniature games I played and looked at during Gen Con 50! There were a ton of great games that are worth taking a look, here are just a few with my thoughts!
  • Infinity by Corvus Belli – I fell in love with this game about a m14736329009_3f000a5a93_konth ago and ended up buying the two starter sets and an Aleph starter. Gen Con saw expansions for both starters that bring all four starter factions up to full army level. If you’ve not checked this game out, you really should – the concept of allowing characters to react creates a fascinating dynamic.
  • Dark Age by CMON – I’ve watched tons of games of Dark Age on Ash Barker’s YouTube channel and was really interested to try this one. I love the Brom-inspired art, the mechanics are very smooth and the objective system keeps things really fresh. One brief demo and I was sold. Instantly picked up two starter boxes.
  • Guild Ball by Steamforged Games – I love the aesthetic of this game and the SG guys really know how to make a demo table pop. That said, there wasn’t anything in the gameplay that made me jump in to make a purchase. Yet…
  • Wild West Exodus by Warcradle Studios – The Warcradle booth was jam packed all con long, but I did watch a few games. It’s an interesting (and pretty unforgiving) system and the minis are great. And I love the theme and look of the models.
  • Dracula’s America by Osprey Games – This was a no-brainer for me. Vampires and cowboys. Sold. Now to paint more cowboy minis… I wonder how Wild West Exodus minis would work…
  • Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games – Will buy. Immediately. These minis are gorgeous. The rules are elegant. I really can’t say anything negative about this one.
  • Shadespire by Games Workshop – I’m not real sure where this game goes. Part board game, part minis game, Shadespire is GW’s effort at making a competitive game that plays in an hour or so. I never got to demo it myself, but watched a lot of rounds. I’ve got mixed feelings – the game has a lot of card play that needs to be remembered that could bog play down. I’ll reserve judgement until it gets closer to release.
  • Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames – I had a good time demoing this one, but the game really fell flat for me. I think I really wanted something closer to Aeronautica Imperialis, and this isn’t that. Solid game, but not enough to grab me at this point.
  • Time of Legends: Joan of Arc by Mythic Games – This is a great concept. The terrain and minis are great and the rules are well done. This is the only mini game that my non-mini gaming friends showed any interest in. Definitely a winner.
  • Kingdom Death Monster by Kingdom Death – I didn’t do anything with KDM at Gen Con, but you couldn’t help but notice their massive presence. And that booth always had a line. It’s not something that’s gotten my interest, but they’re clearly doing something right.
  • Battletech: Alpha Strike by Catalyst Games – I’ve owned the Alpha Strike rules since 913ptjxvuqlthey were first put into their own book, but I’d never actually played a game using them! I changed that at Gen Con and had a great time learning the game. So much so that I’ll be running an event for my local group in the next month or so (there will be a post on that 🙂 ).
  • Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures – I’ve played this one in the past and have been flirting with doing so again. In fact, I’ve got a crew on my paint table right now. Gen Con didn’t fully convince me to get back into it, but we’ll see where things go.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire by CMON – I just can’t seem to get excited about this one.  Part of the problem is that I just don’t care for rank and file games.  The other part is that this new entry just doesn’t look all that fun.  I wasn’t able to get into a demo, so I’ll have to wait and see as it gets closer to production.
That’s it for mini gaming! Next time, I’ll break down the RPGs that I played and looked at and talk about a few deeper issues that came up!

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