Millennials are Killing

There’s been a meme/writing experiment lately where you type “Millennials are killing ” and then let your autocomplete finish the sentence. By way of example, my phone yielded:
Millennials are killing me after this weekend.
Interestingly, that seems more like an actual likelihood, but that’s a different story.
At any rate, seeing some of these pop up over Twitter over the last week got me to thinking that they could be easily turned into RPG adventure hooks!
I don’t think these take a lot of prelude, so we’re going to jump in pretty quickly. That said, trends like this (or writing prompts in general) are a great source of inspiration for games. While it’s great fun to take a prompt and go sideways with it, it can be just as fulfilling to take it at face value. For example:
  • Roving bands of millennials are terrorizing the city – In this hook, roving bands of millennials are terrorizing the city, killing innocent citizens. This is something of a play on the wilding scare in New York in the late 80’s. The millennials in question can be drug-crazed, thrill-seekers or even mind controlled depending on what works best for your campaign.
However, I really like to take things sideways. Taking an idea and adding a touch of surrealism really keeps things interesting and helps to differentiate the hook from the idea that you started with.
  • The Millennial Conspiracy – They’re all in it together! Every single one of those dirty millennials is actually working together to overthrow the status quo! This could be as complicated as a plot for world dominion or a simple dislike of department stores and whatever else millennials are supposedly killing.
  • The Millennials Came from Outer Space – The millennials aren’t actually human at all! Some subset of millennials are aliens (or mutants or demons, etc) that have established themselves as taste-makers and are now using their influence to prepare the world for their inevitable takeover!
These are just a handful of ideas, but you get the picture.

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