Adventure Hack: Dread by Firelight

Just a quick idea today: Dread by Firelight.  I love the Dread RPG from Impossible Dream.  For those not familiar with Dread, it’s a statless RPG where characters are derived by completing a questionnaire at the beginning of the game.  All action resolution in the game is handled by removing a block from a Jenga tower.  If the tower falls, you die (not immediately unless it’s appropriate; just know, at some point, the GM is going to end your participation in the story).  The tower creates a great sense of tension (dread if you will) in the players and really accentuates the horror-theme of Dread games.

Lately, I’ve been looking at non-standard roleplaying environments and one that jumped out at me is roleplaying by fireside.  This of course led to thinking about ghost stories, which led to thinking about horror games, which led to Dread.  So why not put it all together?  This fall, I’ll be running a game at our firepit using a giant Jenga set.  We’ll be following the standard Dread rules – just outdoors with a giant Jenga set.  I think the atmosphere will really work with the terror of the system and should make for a great game!

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