NPC Snapshot: Martial Arts Thug

The martial artist thug isn’t the main foe in a story arc. Instead, he’s best thought of as a mini-boss. If your game was a movie, he’d be the thug that steps forward, throws a few fancy kicks and then beckons the PCs to fight.
But where did he come from? He didn’t learn all of those fancy moves fom YouTube videos (though that guy is probably a great NPC for other reasons!)! What are some quick questions we can answer to flesh this NPC out quickly?
  • What type of martial art is he trained in? The flashier martial artist will come from a kicking martial art like Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Karate. That said, you can certainly have an interesting martial artist based around other arts (the boxer, Balrog, from the Street Fighter series is a great example)!
  • Does he still train?
  • How was her training paid for?
  • If she’s such a martial arts bad ass, why is she working for someone else?
  • How did he come to be part of the gang?
Try providing a few words for each question and you’ll have a more realistic NPC as opposed to just another stat block!

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