Setting: Dusk

Today we’re going to build out a sample setting using some of the ideas from yesterday’s post. Our setting will be a world tapped in a constant dusk, which we’ll cleverly call Dusk. This is being built with a fantasy genre in mind, but the basic ideas could be applied to other genres as well. Since this is still just a hook, we won’t go into excruciating detail, but there should be enough to get you going if you want to run with this one!
While Dusk is the name of the world, there is only a single continent on the world that is habitable. This continent is trapped in a constant state of dusk, with a minimum of light from a constantly setting sun. This wasn’t always the case, but at some point in the distant past (known as the Time of Change), the planet’s rotation came into sync with it’s orbit. The end result is that the time of day is static across Dusk.
The intelligent peoples quickly consolidated onto the land masses experiencing constant dusk (the area experiencing dawn is aquatic). The societies located on other parts of Dusk have fallen into decay and their secrets are highly sought after by Dusk’s scholars and mystics. The extreme temperatures of these areas has resulted in inhospitable weather patterns that make exploration difficult and colonization impossible.
The primary land mass is made up of a multitude of baronies, each ruled as an independent state. These nations are in a near constant state of conflict, warring over arable land in particular. This constant conflict has driven extreme factionalism, with baronies being closely aligned to race and even family structures.
The constant dusk of the populated lands has resulted in a number of changes from the standard fantasy world:
  • Undead – The undead avoid the inhabited lands. The dusk has a debilitating effect on the undead, leaving them slow and lethargic. On a related note, necromancy is generally considered an inferior art and is not widely practiced.
  • Sleep Madness – The constant dusk has had an unusual effect on a very small portion of the populace. Around 1% of the population develops a form of dementia that begins with extended periods of narcolepsy.
  • Humidity – The constant near night holds humidity extraordinarily well. This has resulted in unusually high levels of mold and fungus. Worse, it has expanded the occurrence of magical molds and fungi.
  • Religion of Fire – Light is such a valuable commodity in the lands of Dusk that religions based around fire have taken hold. These religions are largely prone towards warfare and expansionism, making the burning of enemy structures a military and religious act.

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