NPC Hook: Alternative Intelligent Items

Continuing our series on intelligent items, let’s take a look at some unusual ideas for intelligent items. There isn’t a lot of popular backing for intelligent items in fiction in general, and even less so when you stop talking about intelligent weapons. So let’s take a look at some “alternative” intelligent items:
  • How about a suit of intelligent armor? This could be either verbal (think Jarvis in Iron Man) or non-verbal.
  • Intelligent rings are common in some forms of fiction and can be used in just about any genre.
  • Intelligent gloves or shoes seem like a viable idea, particulalry if you play with the type of glove/shoe. Intelligent guantlets forged by an alien group of warmasters? Enchnated shoes that will always lead you true?
  • Try an intelligent tent. Perhaps the tent contains a spirit that is prone to acting as a nanny and babies the PCs whenever they stop to rest.
  • What about an intelligent saddle that possesses whatever horse it’s placed on? Once placed, the saddle communicates through the horse (a sinister version of Mr. Ed?).
  • Perhaps that bag of holding is actually intelligent? How does it feel about the things you’re stuffing into it?
You get the idea. There are lots of items out there that can have the “intelligent” label applied to them. The trick is to make sure that your items have distinct personalities that can be maintained throughout gameplay.

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