NPC Hook: The Coach

We looked at Blood Bowl-inspired campaigns in yesterday’s post, which got me to thinking about the sorts of NPCs a party might encounter.  Chief among these is the figure of the coach.

If you’ve got a team, you’ve got a coach. The great thing about the coach is there are so many types of coach: the father figure, the well meaning sadist, the ill meaning sadist, the nurterer, etc. In a campaign setting, it can often be difficult to include a coach character that doesn’t become an overwhelming figure or a quest giver. Here are a couple of ideas that might help to break the mold:

  • The Demon Coach – Unbeknownst to the players, their coach is actually possessed and is working to ensure the PCs meet their demise (either physically or spiritually).
  • The Down & Out Coach – This is the coach that needs the PCs to save him! Maybe he’s an alcoholic, in trouble with the the local mob or just can’t get back to their winning ways.
  • The Performance Enhancing Coach – This coach is secretly experimenting on the PCs, whether through drugs or.illegal surgeries. This one has lots of places it can go outside of the sports context.
  • The Father Figure – The father figure is the coach who’s always there with a wise word or well trod anecdote that seems to relate to the PC’s current situation.  This coach isn’t so much an active part of any plot, but tends to serve as a source of wisdom or refuge for the PCs.

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